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  • HAUT wins National Timber Construction Award 2022

    The HAUT residential tower in Amsterdam is the best wooden building in the Netherlands. HAUT thus wins the National Wood Construction Award 2022, which was awarded on November 15 during the Wood Day.

    Redactie Houtwereld ,

  • Unique Wood Concept Launched at World Expo Dubai2020

    On-site at Expo2020 in Dubai, Sweden has built a magnificent exhibition hall called ‘The Forest.’ This is a spectacular wood construction landmark situated in the Sustainability Area at the World Expo Dubai that will be accessible to the general public at the grand opening on the 1st of October 2021.

    Design Build Network,

  • Wooden Buildings Reach for the Sky

    “Wood is in many ways an excellent material for building in dense cities, because we can prefabricate all the elements in factories, instead of on-site.”

    Gabriel Leigh,