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All use of the Woodsafe logo, with the exception of editorial use, must be approved before printing / distribution / publication. The logo must not be distorted, modified, altered in proportion or color, or used for the wrong purpose. It should always be placed on a white background. Everything that can be classified as marketing material for the company and the products must be based on the company's graphic profile.


The all-in-one mark may only be used to visualize / illustrate the certification. Product certification is only done by Woodsafe and the "all-in-one mark" may only be used for the product that meets the requirements for marking. The mark must always be linked to the product and it must be clear what the mark applies to.


There must be a free zone around the logo of 1/3 of the logo's width. The free zone is a minimum distance to other graphics, text or image. The same minimum distance for logo placement also applies to the outer and lower edges.


The logo must be in proportion to the size and location of the printed matter. On an A4 shell the minimum size of the logo must be 36 mm wide and the largest size must be 60 mm wide.


All logos on this page may be used freely by the media. All images and photographs in the image archive may be used freely by the media. When publishing photos, the photographer's name must always be stated.